My name is Elena Zecchino and I am currently a Junior at Saint Joseph's University. I am a Communications Major and Advertisment and Promotions minor. I aspire to be an event planner in big cities, such as New York City, Philadelphia, Miami and Los Angeles. I am hoping that my studies will allow to explore this field and more.

Event Planning is a field that I have always been interested in and can see myself suceed in. In this field, I believe that one must be confident, organized, detail oriented and creative in order to tackle what needs to get done. I look foward to expanding my current website and hopefully coordinate successful, fun and enjoyable events!


Reflection 1

I believe that my website embodies mostly all the correct emotions regarding my specific target audience and others of my website. I used specific colors, font, images and video that reflect who I am as a person. Everything that I am and strive to be is embodied and reflects my website. The video on my homepage has been something that I have had in mind of doing since the beginning of the semester. The video shows the hustle and bustle of New York City. I chose this video as my homepage instead of a solid color background because I hold New York City close to my heart. The city life is a big part of my life. I grew up near New York City, I go to school in Philadelphia and I plan on working down in Miami in the future. This video is an addition to my website because it suits my personality and my future. A solid plain background of a specific color for my homepage is just not me. I could not see myself doing that, that is why I chose to go with an inspired video. The video is different. The video is located on my homepage because I wanted it to catch my audience right away and draw them into my website. I also wanted the video on my front page to tell a story, leading into my inner pages. The white colored font is a bold color that sticks out over the darker video. I placed the font slightly to the left of my homepage rather than right in the center of the page because I thought it was more pleasing to the eye. I wanted my audience to feel welcomed and relaxed when exploring my website. I envisioned my website to be easy to follow and approachable. I originally had my navigation bar at the very top of my homepage and my full name centered in the middle of the page, but that there wasn’t that much emotion to that style, so I moved my nav bar to the bottom of the page, directly underneath my name and shifted my name all the way to the left of the page. I did this because I thought that it looked more clean cut and this layout of my homepage set up the way I wanted my inner pages to flow. This layout has established a theme to my website. After reading and learning all about the psychological impact that fonts and colors have on your audience was very important. I wanted to impress my audience who is viewing my website for the first time. Before officially deciding how I wanted my website to look like, my audience was always my very first concern. With that being said, I changed my initial designs and ideas around several different times. I have realized that it was totally acceptable to change your sketches around several different times. Playing around with colors and fonts helped with my site’s appeal.

Comparing my first project to my second project I certainly do see progress. Progress in different areas. I have also learned so much more between when the first project was assigned and the second. During that time frame I didn’t feel as overwhelmed with coding as I did in the beginning of the semester when I was working on project one. For the second project, I felt like I knew more when it came to coding. I rarely got confused rather than not being able to code at all when working on project one. I think that the major difference between project one and project two is the time we had to complete it them. If I had more time when working on my second project, I probably would have spent more time on my homepage and even create a logo, rather than just my name. I felt lost throughout this project in terms of coding because I felt extremely restricted on time and due dates. I feel that project two is an open project. An open project meaning that I can work on it whenever I feel like working on it. Although the semester is over, I plan on continuing to code, create a logo that I have been wanting to create, add an inner “photography” page, add more images, and much more than that. If I had to give advice to myself regarding this class I should have participated in class more and asked more questions in class than outside of the class. I also should have studied code more and coded more freely when I had the chance. Although I viewed coding as impossible and annoying in the beginning of the semester, I have learned along the way that it does get easier no matter what pace you work at. I enjoyed working at my own pace throughout the course of the semester because I set my own goals and went at my own speed which put me in a comfortable setting while working on my website.