Let me start off by saying, writing in terms of coding has always been difficult. My problem is the fear that anxiously occurs before, during and even after coding. I fear more so the outcome of coding than I do writing if all else fails, it would be that. I have learned and heard that writing in terms of coding is like learning a new language for the first time. It is difficult to comprehend and to write. It is also difficult because I have realized that with every student working at their own pace, I am still trying to figure out my own. Although I am still struggling with writing in code at the pace that I work at now, I have learned that planning what I will code beforehand helps me. I always It helps with the confusion before working in Brackets. As I have mentioned in my blog post, writing in terms of coding is a love/hate relationship. My comfort level with Bracketss is fine, it is easy to operate. What frustrates me is the failure that comes after I am done working on a certain assignment after writing in terms of coding. The process of writing and coding a web page have challenged what I have originally thought about writing and any former knowledge that I have learned between writing for print and writing for the web, especially coding. Before taking this web design course, I had no prior knowledge of coding in Brackets, so, I am taking each coding assignment slowly since I get easily confused while coding. I have realized that writing for the web has changed my overall prospective of writing. Thus, my realization and prospective of writing for the web has been like a roller coaster ride this far into the class.

Web design is one out of the five classes that I am taking this semester, and since this class is a requirement for my major, I put more energy and time into it. I try to put an equal amount of time of learning and studying for each class, but most of my time is applied to coding instead. Although this is true, I feel as though my outcome/s have not quite shown much of that time and energy that usually leads to success. As of right now, I feel as though I am still struggling to fully understand coding. I would say that my skills for writing in terms of coding html are better than my coding for css skills. In terms of comfort level, I would say that I am slowly grasping different coding skills, but I still need to spend more time reading through the CSS & HTML text. I mostly refer back to the text while coding.